What exactly can you do with TOP-Energy®?

TOP-Energy® is a modular software that enables generation and visualization of energy supply systems and analyses reports to simulate and perform comparative cost-effective calculations. As results the software yields energy relevant costs and performance calculations, based on economic and ecological indicators, to increase the energy efficiency of a system.

Are the modules built upon each other or is it possible to use them separately?

The modules are built up together to work in a sequence. However, it is possible to use them separately based on the problem you wish to solve. For instance, simulation of energy systems with eSim.

Is it possible to buy separate modules of the software?

Yes, it is possible to buy the modules separately.

With regards to consulting, is it possible to work together just with you or is there a need for an energy consultant?

Our services are carried out in collaboration with energy consultants. We rely on the cooperation with energy consultant agencies but can also work with energy consultants from the company. Our task is to execute complex simulations, calculations and develop variants. The task of an energy consultant is to record the essential data to give recommendations and inform you about the results and possibilities for the efficient utilization of your resources.

To what extent can the component library be extended and what are the costs associated with it?

We can adapt TOP-Energy® to your individual requirements. Extension of components is also possible. The cost will depend on the scope of the extensions and will be determined on a case by case basis.

Which modelling language is used in TOP-Energy®?

PML – Process Modelling Language which is based on Modellica.

Which system of equations defines the basis for calculations?

There are no linear and differential equations since they are too complicated. Non-linear equations, quasi-stationary (calculated at certain times e.g. every 15 minutes) are used.

How much can you normally save?

10 to 20 percent savings are always possible.

In which areas can you use TOP-Energy®? What can you do with the 'standard' version?

Analyzable are:

  • Heat Generation (Boiler, CHP, Heat Pumps, etc.)
  • Compressed Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Solar and Wind (only as a service)
  • Cogeneration of heat and power
  • Strategies of energy reclamation
What is special about compressed air?

It is the most expensive form of energy and typically 94 percent of the potential goes unused.

Is the software available without training?

Yes it is. But it is worth your time and money to attend our trainings and workshops.

How does the demo version work? Is the license for 4 weeks?

The demo / trial version is available on request with a 30-day license.

What are the possibilities of software updates?

This standard license of the current software version has no validity restriction. The Maintenance Agreement is included for one year. The agreement comes with 12-months support and free version updates. In case of non-renewal the contract runs out annually.

Do you offer project support and processing?

Collaboration and project support are definitely possible through us.

Is an inspection mandatory or is it also possible to send you the values?

An inspection is not necessary but we strongly recommend it. Standard systems, for instance, ones with two boilers and a CHP unit, which are easy to evaluate and provide complete data don’t necessarily require an inspection. However this can be assessed on a case-by-case basis.